Discover the place where three rivers meet


The historic village of Talkeetna is nestled at the base of North America's tallest peak Mt. McKinley (Denali). Talkeetna has an outstanding panoramic view of the Alaska Range that can be enjoyed and photographed from several places as you wander through our town, and discover what this unique location has to offer: Flightseeing, fishing riverboat tours, float trips, hiking, nordic skiing, mushing, mountain climbing, ATV tours, snowmachine tours, and zipline tours, unique lodging, art galleries and gift shops, place to dine and have a locally brewed beer... and of course year-round frontier hospitality! 


Planning your adventure? Here are a few of our highly-recommended local partners.

K2 Avaition

The denali flightseeing company

A flightseeing trip over Denali National Park and Preserve will give you a bird's-eye view of its incredible vastness and awesome beauty. Encounter a mile high gorge, rivers of pre-historic glacier ice, snow capped mountains that extend seemingly forever and North America's tallest mountain, Mt. McKinley, towering above it all. Whether you choose an incredible flightseeing tour into the mountains, add a glacier landing, decide to climb one of Denali's towering peaks, or choose to hike in Denali's back country, we will assist you in finding the right experience.



American Alpine Institute


For more than 39 years, American Alpine Institute has pioneered technical climbing education in the United States. At a time when most American guides provided little instruction to their clients, the Institute launched a mountaineering school offering courses in ice climbing, rock climbing, and glacier skills, with a mission to grow its clients into self-sufficient climbers.

Today, the Institute continues this tradition of teaching skill mastery and self-leadership, an approach that contributes to our extraordinary record of safety and success in the great ranges of the world. Come climb with us and launch a long career in the mountains ... or just enjoy a day of thrill and challenge.


Denali Raft Adventures

river adventures at denali national park

Established in 1974, Denali Raft Adventures, Inc. is the original raft company on the Nenana River at the entrance of Denali National Park, Alaska. We offer Gore-Tex drysuits for the utmost in comfort, neoprene boots, Coast Guard approved lifejacket, and a guided 18ft or 16ft raft which allows you to experience a sense of adventure and fun for an activity that has inherent risks.

In order to provide you a enjoyable raft trip we supply knowledgeable guides, top quality Avon & Sotar rafts, as well as the following gear for your comfort and safety.

Denali Zipline Tours

Soar to new heights

Located 120 road miles north of Anchorage, our “south side” perspective offers panoramic views of Denali National Park, with a boreal forest at your feet and Mt. McKinley at your brow. Our friends at Stoney Creek Canopy Adventure are 127 miles south of Anchorage in Seward.